Welcome to Material Immaterial studio, where we explore the bare beauty of materials like concrete, papier-mâché, wood and brass. All our products are Architecture inspired and are ideal for architecture and design enthusiasts to be used as jewellery, home décor and simply collectibles. They can be a statement-making gifting option for your loved ones.

Our handcrafted miniature concrete homes ' SPACES' evoke your imagination each time you glance at the different facades defined by volumes and voids that give the human imagination a glimpse into what could be lying inside.

A series of miniaturized architectural 'ELEMENTS' made in concrete become stunning cufflinks and earrings. The Elements collection work as excellent conversation starters.

The 'MIRAGE' collection is a series of architectural handles and knobs inspired from the works of Carlo Scarpa, where one is unable to differentiate the thick from thin and space from the void. This collection is a favorite amongst space enthusiast.

The 'CHIMERA' collection are miniature concrete models of impossible spaces, defined by solids and voids in different planes. The effect of these pieces is almost magical and they never miss to catch the attention of a curious onlooker.

All our products are designed and built at our studio here in Mumbai, India. Since these are handcrafted each piece has its own unique texture and apperance. In fact no two pieces coming out of our studio are identical.

Do visit our studio when in Mumbai or drop in a line to us, we would love to hear from you :)