Kinetic Sculptures

This collection comprises of 3 rolling ball sculptures, all made of concrete and with stainless steel balls rolling down a defined path.

The factory among the 3 is the largest in the series and has a run time of 40 seconds where the ball passes through various architectural elements. and at 3 different places pops out of hole that it drops in and makes a ringing sound. Rest is for the user to discover.

The Gambol is the second in size and time of ball rolling down. It takes 28 seconds for the ball to roll down to rest in the hemispherical Bowl. along the way it jumps over a valley at 2 occasions and passes through various other architectural elements.

The Balls eye 2.0 is the smallest in the series and the ball takes around 15 seconds to reach the resting point. the last leg of the journey of the ball is a spiral and observing this helps one centre oneself. 

Hope you will enjoy all of the 3 sculptures equally well.

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